Wellness Program
Avoid falls and serious medical consequences by taking medications with confidence. 

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Business Office   1-866-407-6062


Protection at Home

Ferdie Villegas, Senior Territory Manager at Philips Lifeline since 2005 is the local liaison for Lifeline services on the Central Coast.


ActiveLink Lifestyles has recently entered into partnership with PhilipsLifeline and the new Central Coast Program name is ActiveLink Lifeline.  We have completed our first phase of clients transition to the latest Lifeline technology for our HOME and FALL-ALERT services (protection in the home and yard), and we are continuing to provide ActiveLink MOBILE and CELLULAR services for the next few months until Lifeline unveils its forthcoming Mobile, GPS, and Cellular systems. 

These new Lifeline systems dramatically raise the bar in our industry for wireless emergency services.  All of ActiveLink's Mobile and Cellular clients will automatically be upgraded to these new systems without raising prices!


Avoid hours or days
of suffering by getting help upon falling or by pushing a button. 

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Protection Anywhere
Avoid ending up stranded in pain by getting help anywhere you go. 

Mark Lamoreux, owner of ActiveLink Lifestyles since 2002, is the director of the ActiveLink Lifeline Central Coast Program.

ActiveLink, your Central Coast provider, and Lifeline, the largest national provider are now Partners! 

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